Commissioned Art

I specialize in custom commission work, working directly individual clients, designers and builders to achieve each of my clients’ creative goals for their home, business, public space, or organization. I pride myself in developing each project as a way to expand upon the ideas and desires of each client and strive to create an end result that is greater than the sum of its parts: part you, part me, and something all its own.

I work directly with designers to create specialized and diverse creative results for clients, whether that be a custom mural, a faux treatment, wall art, custom wallpaper or textile, or combination of the above. Bring me your dreams and desires and let’s create magic, and make everyone look their best.

I strive to act as something of a creative catalyst and artistic interpreter, if you will… and to thoughtfully personalize the projects in which I participate, to better meet the client’s needs.

I pride myself in clear communication, thorough research and development with a creative approach, and the highest quality standard for my work.

Public Projects

I love to create unique, well researched, co-creative installations, working directly with public entities to determine how best to determine or meet their goals for their public space, through the vehicle of my personal artistic expression and style.

I always strive to thoughtfully personalize the works that I create for a public space… so while I may be selected for my art, when working within the public sphere an artwork, installation, or project takes on greater meaning and must additionally respond to the space itself as well as to the intended audience and message. For instance, this may include a publicly inclusive element to the making of the work itself, or perhaps the use of locally sourced materials or imagery. I truly enjoy the creative development process, and am always searching for the best ways within each unique circumstance to create connections between the work and the person or space for whom it is created.

Studio Work

All of my studio artwork can be reproduced at custom sizes and on a multitude of surfaces, including wood, metal, canvas and paper, and many can even be reproduced as a custom wallpaper. Please inquire for details