Mural: Reno Sunset Cityscape

Murals & Installation Work, Wilding Series
About This Project

This mural was created for an office in Reno, NV, with specific goals… to create a beautiful, colorful depiction of the landscape in which the “Biggest Little City in the West” is immersed and provide a welcoming and interesting environment for the clients of the business, which is an optical office.  Working with the client, I chose a series of colorful sunset images from which to work, with various perspectives of the city and its surrounds, lit up at  night.  To that end, I emphasized the mountain range that dominates the scene, allowing the city to become the less dominant element yet still integrated, as it lays like a jumble of colorful toys on the land. The layers of the image carry additional meaning, as the entire wall was worked in the method of the Wilding series, layering image and meaning using urban materials and techniques, to create images of the wilderness, to which we are all integrally connected.

Created in 2019.  Approximately 8′ x 20′