Flight I – Wilding series

Flight I - Wilding Series Truckee and Lake Tahoe fine artist wildlife painter nature painting bird
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About This Project

Flight I is a golden eagle, painted in mixed acrylic and spray paint on canvas, with silver leaf, 48 x 60″.

Original is  SOLD

Currently available: a one-of-a-kind 90% scale stretched canvas giclee reproduction, 44″ x 54″, with reclaimed leather edge wrap. The print has been hand retouched with clear acrylic media, tinted glaze and metallic paint, and is signed and numbered as “AP 1”

The Wilding series is inspired by the intersection of human and wild… we desire to touch something that is unaltered and deeply rooted, and by doing so we change it and it changes us.  We crave wilderness and an experience of something far from pavement.  These pieces have been created using decidedly urban materials… spray paint, graffiti materials and techniques, sometimes building materials, reclaimed materials… depicting images of the wild world with which we seek to connect.