Carmel Beach II

Current, Landscapes, Wilding Series
About This Project

This painting was created while studying various images from the Carmel area; I was inspired to start painting several views of the Pacific from the region, having lived on the California coast for a few years. I do miss it sometimes, so visit whenever possible. This sunset scene, depicting the ever shifting reflection of light, on the constantly moving water and the surfaces that it touches, brings me back to my time on the coast. I love the feel of the ocean, how the thunder of the surf resonates in the chest and through the body… the places where the ocean meets the land feel like nowhere else I’ve been, and the memory of it is tangible and powerful.

16 x 29″ Mixed acrylic media, spray paint on 3/4″ wood panel.  Created in the method and with the sentiment of the Wilding series… connecting our wild environments with our more urban-influenced lives.

Original available $1275