The Dreaming Trees: Guardian In the Garden

The Dreaming Trees: Guardian in the Garden Tahoe Truckee fine art nature painting
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About This Project

Guardian In the Garden was created within my ongoing series of Dreaming Trees.  The image, created in acrylic on canvas and measuring 24″x24″, depicts a quiet moment, siblings playing in a garden, watched over by the old stone statue in the foreground… an image taken from an actual garden statue that belonged to my own children’s great grandmother and which resides next to our cedar tree in the front yard.  The painting speaks of the desire to protect those simple, magical moments of childhood that are so easy to forget once we become “adults”.

24″x24″ Acrylic on Canvas, currently framed in a hand-painted wooden frame, measuring 30″x30″.  $2400.  Prints Available.  Contact me for details regarding purchase.