Truckee Elementary School Murals

Murals & Installation Work
About This Project

This project began as a simple “beautification project”, with the desire to theme the murals around TES’s transformation into a green-focused school site.  What it evolved into over the course of development and implementation however, was something so much more.  After conversations about their goals, I suggested that I could paint the murals during school hours as an “artist in residence”, allowing the project to become a learning resource for the students.  Additionally, I suggested that we include individual drawings created by each student within the body of the murals themselves, centered on environmental themes that they were studying in each grade, and allowing each student to have their distinct contribution forever a part of the finished artwork.

While adding drawings into the mural one afternoon, I found myself grinning and giggling at the gorgeous and unique works of each of these beautiful little people… and knew that I would be happy to do work like this… including others in the creative process, for the rest of my life.